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SWN? Downtown: Colin Vallon Trio

22 maart 2018

Swiss pianist Colin Vallon and trio are taking us on a musical trip that meanders between minimal music and jazz. Not surprisingly, they are signed by the renowned label ECM. Last year their latest album ‘Danse’ was released.

In recent years Colin Vallon has proven himself to be one of the greatest talents of the Swiss jazz scene. His style is subtle, lyrical and adventurous at the same time. His ‘prepared piano’ techniques directly manipulate the sound of the piano strings. Vocalists have a bigger influence on Vallon than pianists. Live he is backed up by two experienced musicians from the Swiss jazz scene: double bass player Patrice Moret and drummer Julian Sartorius. The trio ‘sings’ in its own unique way: without a voice, but with an emphasis on melody, a versatility of timbre and exciting dynamics.

Line-up: Colin Vallon – piano; Patrice Moret – double bass; Julian Sartorius – drums


Presented by So What’s Next?
Location: Fifth | NRE

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