New York Sessions: Aruán Ortiz - So What's Next


New York Sessions: Aruán Ortiz

23 oktober 2017


So What’s Next? goes New York and meets up with the artists that are coming to the festival in 2017 to find out what they’re all about. In episode 3 we meet Brooklyn-based Cuban pianist Aruan Ortiz. He has lived all over the globe and uses influences from everywhere in his music. Undefined and versatile with an ever expanding sonic horizon. Ortiz has been called “the latest Cuban wunderkind to arrive in the US” (BET Jazz) and will stir things up at So What’s Next? on Sun 5 Nov.

When does Aruán Ortiz play at So What’s Next?

Concert Aruán Ortiz at So What’s Next?
* Sunday 5 November 2017


Special thanks to:
Aruán Ortiz & courtesy of Intakt Records
Music from the album ‘Cub(an)ism’
And many thanks to the creators:
Directed & Edited by Seven Halsema
Interview by John Murph
Cinematography by Paul Overstrom & Dave Dominguez
Additional Music by Jay Soul
Visuals by Van Lennep
Concept by Liesbeth Beeftink