New York Sessions: Donny McCaslin - So What's Next

New York Sessions: Donny McCaslin

15 oktober 2017

Introducing Donny McCaslin

Donny McCaslin is one of the best-kept secrets in modern jazz. His name and fame spread like fire after collaborating with David Bowie, who discovered McCaslin in a jazzclub in New York.The vibant music vibe of the Big Apple has brought McCaslin his musical diversity and opennes resulting in compositions that blur the line between jazz, rock and electronica. Working with David Bowie on the acclaimed album Blackstar has taught McCaslin how to be fearless about realizing his musical vision. He takes us with him into his world in the mini-documentary we shot with him in Brooklyn, New York.

When does Donny McCaslin play at So What’s Next?

Donny McCaslin will play at So What’s Next? on Saturday 5 November together with Jason Lindner, Jeff Taylor and Nate Wood, who were also part of the Blackstar band.


Special thanks to: Motema Music & Donny McCaslin
Music from the album ‘Beyond Now’
And many thanks to the creators:
Directed & Edited by Seven Halsema
Interview by John Murph
Cinematography by Paul Overstrom & Dave Dominguez
Additional Music by Jay Soul
Visuals by Van Lennep
Concept by Liesbeth Beeftink