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So what’s for dinner?

29 oktober 2017

You won’t get the chance to grow hungry or thirsty during So What’s Next?

Friday 3 Nov – So What’s Next? Opening Night ‘Kovacs Curates’

Festival menu “So What’s For Dinner?” At Meneer Frits (€19,50 / €23,50)
Snack menu at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven with hamburger, pita bread pulled pork, nachos, chicken wings

Saturday 4 Nov – So What’s Next?

So What’s for Dinner?
Create you own meal with three steps choosing from rice, noodles or carrot stew combined with oriental or Dutch vegetable mix and chicken sate, Thai curry, marinated chicken doughs, beef Bourguignon, falafel and sole with white wine sauce.

Sushi & Salads
Create your own salad bowl choosing from all kinds of salads combined with smoked chicken, shrimps or mozzarella and a dressing of your choice.

Snacks & Finger Food
Hamburgers, pita pulled pork, quiche (V), nachos, chicken wings with chili sauce, fries from RPEL and snert (Dutch pea soup).

Homemade apple pie, chocolate cake and red velvet cake, strawberry cheesecake, macarons, petit fours and bonbons and ice cream.

Sunday 5 Nov – So What’s Next? Downtown

Festival menu “So What’s For Dinner?” At Meneer Frits
Meneer Frits offers all festival visitors a tasty, well-priced dinner, which we serve from 18:00 o’clock on Sunday 5 November. Choose one of five main courses plus a drink for only €15,-. Doors open at 18:00

* Carrot stew, meat ball and gravy
* Wild beef stew, potato soufflé, red cabbage, gravy with apple syrup
* Snapper fillet, rocket salad, mashed potatoes and antiboise
* Meneer Frits Hamburger, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bacon, cheese and fries
* Roasted eggplant, pearl couscous, vegetables and tomato bell pepper sauce

Make a reservation by dialing: +31 – 40 – 265 56 10

You can also grab a bite on Sunday at Downtown locations Oude Rechtbank, Velosoof, Fifth NRE, Dynamo and Stage Music Café.