New York Sessions: Gabriel Royal - So What's Next

New York Sessions: Gabriel Royal

3 oktober 2017

Introducing Gabriel Royal

So What’s Next? goes New York and meets up with the artists that are coming to the festival to find out what they’re all about. In this first episode of these New York Sessions, we hook up with singer/cello player Gabriel Royal who takes us to his stage: the subway.

Royal plays his ‘grown-up lullabies’ on the platform and finds a genuine connection with his audience: the commuters of New York. As a matter of fact, his whole career was kick started in the subway where he met his manager. Watch the video-interview So What’s Next? made with Gabriel Royal above.

When does Gabriel Royal play at So What’s Next?

Both on Friday 3 November, as part of the Opening Night ‘Kovacs Curates’ and on Sunday 5 November, as part of So What’s Next? Downtown.


Special thanks to Gabriel Royal and his dog.

And many thanks to the creators:
Directed & Edited by Seven Halsema
Interview by John Murph
Cinematography by Paul Overstrom & Dave Dominguez
Additional Music by Jay Soul
Visuals by Van Lennep
Concept by Liesbeth Beeftink
Music in courtesy of Gabriel Royal